Hwagui Teapot: Japanese Style At Chinese Prices Just What The Doctor Ordered

One of the most pleasant discoveries I’ve made over the last year has been my affection for tea. I started taking tea because I was told that it would help with my inflammation and nerves and it worked. (Or at least I think it did because they went away).

Then I found that I just wanted a cup of tea every day. It won’t replace my coffee (never!) but it has become part of my daily ritual. So, I was happy to test out this Hwagui Teapot. It’s all glass but has a Japanese-style but the price was oh so low. Let’s see how it did:

The Japanese Take Tea Seriously

Students of Oriental culture will know that tea is a big deal in both Japan and China. In Japan, it’s such an important part of the culture that they have a ceremony for preparing and serving tea. Tasty Japan demonstrates in this video:

So, tasty and so much fun!

So, About The Hwagui?

Firstly, it has to be said that this is not the easiest teapot to pronounce. That’s a seriously unusual set of syllables to roll off the English-speaker’s tongue. However, it’s the only thing that leaves me concerned with the Hwagui Teapot.

This is a well-made, beautifully-designed, teapot. It’s pretty enough that I actually spent some time just sitting on a stool in the kitchen admiring it as the tea brewed within. The tea tasted great as well and that’s the most important thing.

You can buy the Hwagui Teapot for a very low price on Amazon today. Why not pick one up?

WINNER is Joey!
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  1. I want to win this teapot alot. Drinking hot tea is more of a family thing. From my great grandmother clear down to me. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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