The I Hate To Cook Book Is The Best Cookbook, According To Non-Cooks Everywhere

Peg Bracken had a very simple philosophy in life. She wanted to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, but she also wanted to eat tasty, delicious food.

I Hate To Cook Book

She spent a long time honing her culinary laziness and she shared what she learned with the world at large.

Now, The I Hate To Cook Book by Peg Bracken is in its 50th Anniversary Edition! It’s also as relevant today as it was the day it was released.

I love to cook but whenever I feel under extreme time pressure… it’s this book that I reach for!

Some Classic Peg Bracken For You

Peg Bracken passed away in 2007 when she was 89. Obviously, her rejection of cookery as “fun” didn’t have an impact on her longevity. You can see her in a classic TV advert for the Birds Eye brand here. I think she’s a bit younger than 89 there.

So, What About The I Hate To Cook Book?

As gionconda on Amazon says,

“This book is funny because it’s true. Peg Bracken is an acute observer of the human condition as it faces the problem of feeding itself. In witty chapters like “The Leftover, Or Every Family Needs A Dog,”and “Desserts, Or People Are Too Fat Anyway,” she shows the reader how, with minimal effort, one may produce the requisite dish to the sought-after acclaim, or at least, consumption. These are recipes with familiar ingredients in practical amounts–a can of soup, two tomatoes, a package of frozen fish sticks…what other cookbook has that? There is even a recipe that can be trusted to cook itself while the chef sleeps.”

A confession: I was having such a fine time laughing that I haven’t really tried to make the recipes, except for the tuna casserole, which coincides with one I improvised in a panic the night I had to meet a dinner deadline with nothing but a can of tuna and Campbell’s soup.

The recipes look dependable. And her hints on presentation and vocabulary may sell your audience on your capabilities as cook, even if the only object in the kitchen that doesn’t fill you with dread is the can opener.

I too found The I Hate To Cook Book very funny and it really can be worth its weight in gold at times.

You can get your copy of The I Hate To Cook Book by Peg Bracken is in its 50th Anniversary Edition online and it’s worth every penny!

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