Ikea Kalas 18-Piece Flatware Set – Colorful Family Mealtime Fun For A Fantastic Price

It’s nice to get in touch with the things that really matter and what can be more meaningful than eating dinner with your family? Meal times in our house are the most important part of the day, they are where we share ideas and hear each other’s triumphs and pain.

Food is therapy and it’s nice to be able to eat food with something that stands out. That’s where the Ikea Kalas 18-piece flatware set comes in. It’s never going to be your “best silverware” but it is fun, colorful and cheerful and the perfect accompaniment to a super tasty family chow down!

Not All Food Is Therapy

I have, occasionally, been scolded for my enthusiasm over food. Some folks would like me to remember that some people very much struggle with what they eat – given that I thought this might be an appropriate time to include a video from The Food Therapist on how to handle your dietary bad habits (if you have any).

Not as much fun as the flatware, that…

The Ikea Kalas Set?

This is cheap and cheerful and it’s not going to last forever but would you really expect a full flatware set for 6 people at roughly $1 per person to last forever? No, me neither. Its bright colors really appeal to my children and that was the most important part of things for me. Now, we all have our favorite color and it adds a bit of life to the dining table.

You can pick up the Ikea Kalas set for that very reasonable price on Amazon at the moment and I strongly recommend that if you have young children that you do just that. They’re great!

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