Impossible Foods Banks Celebrity Support for Meat Alternatives

Impossible Foods have closed another round of funding adding another $300 million to a nearly 750 million total in VC funding.

Celebrity investment is pouring in from a dizzying list of A-listers: Katy Perry, Trevor Noah, Jaden Smith, Serena Williams and Jay-Z (& B?).

It’s clear that realistic meat alternatives have hit the mainstream and are trending hard.

Impossible Foods Banks Celebrity Support for Meat Alternatives 1

Whether it’s for health or dietary reasons or a strategy to reduce environmental impact, plant-based proteins have become increasingly popular in recent days.

Burger King has even announced a partnership with Impossible Foods.

The Impossibile Foods products have been so popular in 2019 that they have been running out of product.

With the additional investment funds, Impossible Foods will hire 50 new employees to immediately help meet demand.

Speaking with CNN Business, their CFO David Lee had this to say:

“As meat eaters become more open to eating plant-based proteins, demand will continue to grow. The meatless burger revolution is just getting started. The more normal the Impossible Burger becomes, the more we will see adoption.”

David Lee of Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods, like it’s competitor Beyond Meat, are targeting traditional meat-loving protein eaters rather than vegetarians and vegans.

Impossible Foods is not yet available in stores – they sell direct to restaurants only. I’ve never knowingly had an Impossible Burger but they sound good.


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