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IMUSA’s Terracotta Tortilla Warmer Adds A Nice Touch To The Table

Having a dinner party? Then what about a nice Latin American meal? And as soon as you get to that idea… you suddenly realize that you have a problem. How are you going to serve enough tortillas and keep them warm at the same time?

I recently tackled how you can make a lot of tortillas easily by using a tortilla press. Now, it’s time to take that one step further and show you how to share those amazing tortillas with as many guests as you want to entertain and that means you want the IMUSA Terracotta Tortilla Warmer in your life.

This Is Why Tortillas Rock

The thing about the tortilla is that it’s incredibly versatile. It’s not just for fajitas or chimichangas but it can be used to create a whole world of amazing dishes.

And that’s why I love tortillas, they are brilliant at every occasion.

Check out these great ideas for non-traditional examples:

But they aren’t as nice cold, and they aren’t as nice when they dry out in the air. And the IMUSA Terracotta Tortilla Warmer solves that problem. You cook the tortillas and pop them in the warmer and you can keep them warm and if you need a little extra warmth, they microwave nicely to keep the moisture in the tortillas.

It’s The Best Way To Eat

It’s a simple truth that the warmth of our food makes a difference and it’s hard to cater to big groups of people and keep food warm. This is doubly true when you’re serving in a slightly more formal dinner party setting.

So, investing a little in keeping your tortillas warm makes sense. You don’t need this IMUSA Terracotta Tortilla Warmer at every dinner time but when you do need it; it provides real value for money.

You can buy the IMUSA Terracotta Tortilla Warmer on Amazon and it’s not going to break the bank. I also find it doubles up nicely as a storage box when it’s not in us


  1. Wow I like the idea to keep warm instead of dry and hard,I put gorilla on plate with damp paper towel in microwave but not so good at all so hopefully I win this.

  2. Eat tortillas with most meals, still use the towel method to keep them semiwarm. Would love a tortilla warmer.

  3. Now I won’t have to reheat my tortillas when I’m ready to eat.


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