5 Classic Hungarian Recipes You Will Love

best classic hungarian recipes

Here’s our 5 favorite classic Hungarian recipes. Hungarian food is world-famous for the simple reason that it’s super-delicious. Hearty stews and soups that are good for the soul. Delicious desserts. Hungarians have an enviable food life. We love it! Beef…

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7 Best Thai Food Recipes From The Land Of Smiles

thai food recipes

Thai food recipes are easy to find on the interwebs as it’s a super-popular cuisine in the United States. [source: Vice] We’ve put together this compilation of some of our favorite recipes for classic Thai food. Enjoy! If it’s more…

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10 Coffee Time Treats For All Seasons

coffee time treats

The team at Kitchen Authority HQ is fueled by caffeine each and every day. As you can imagine we’ve got quite a few different coffee makers on hand and we use quite a few of them regularly. We’ve compiled some…

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99 Best Kitchen Hacks For Home Cooks

best kitchen hacks

Here’s our collection of the best kitchen hacks with handy videos for your viewing pleasure. These quick and easy kitchen hacks will improve your cooking skills. Guaranteed! If you love food-related videos then don’t miss our guide to the 30…

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The Best Meats To Smoke

best meats to smoke selection

We are very serious about our search for the best meats to smoke because smoked meat rules. It’s incredibly tasty and because smoking is generally a slow cooking method, it also means you can use some cheaper cuts of meat…

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What To Serve With Crab Cakes

What To Serve With Crab Cakes

What to serve with crab cakes is a question that comes up often at Kitchen Authority. We love crab cakes! They’re superb for parties and even better as a pre-dinner starter! Plus, they are part of a rich culinary history…

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101 Fortune Cookie Sayings

fortune cookie sayings

I absolutely love fortune cookie sayings. The humble fortune cookie never fails to amuse or enlighten. We’ve picked the best for you! It’s a delightful treat at the end of what’s usually a great dinner. We love a good fortune…

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10 Best Tea Recipes To Soothe The Mind & Body

best tea recipes

These are the 10 best tea recipes according to the team at Kitchen Authority. There’s countless tea recipes and many of them are fantastic but these are the 10 tea recipes our team nominated. We love tea here at Kitchen…

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