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Jenaluca Herb Scissors Review | A Cutting Revolution For The Serious Chef

The Jenaluca Herb Scissors are my latest discovery. It had never, until this week, occurred to me that I might benefit from herb scissors.

After all, I have plenty of scissors in the kitchen already. What could make these scissors stand out from among them?

jenaluca herb scissors
Best Herb Scissors Ever

Well, as it turns out the Jenaluca herb scissors are quite a wonderful invention.

At Kitchen Authority we love devices that save on effort and as you can see, over on Amazon, the Jenaluca herb scissors have over 1,500 fans who swear they save a ton of effort and now – they can count us among them.

Why Eat Fresh Herbs?

You can buy dried herbs easily and they keep pretty much forever too, so why would you need to buy fresh herbs?

Well, we think that you can’t beat the taste of fresh. Dried will do in an emergency of course.

But great cookery demands great ingredients and herbs that have just been plucked from the garden bring a touch of personality and joy to the occasion that simply isn’t there in their preserved cousins.

Why Would You Want To Own The Jenaluca Herb Scissors?

These herb scissors are a pretty simply concept. This isn’t an air fryer where you are about to be wowed with science, they’re a pair of scissors with 5 pairs of blades mounted on them. That’s what makes them special.

In short, every time you snip with the herb scissors you do the work of 5 knife cuts. The more you snip, the more time and energy you save. When we were preparing salads for our latest neighbourhood barbecue – this meant, quite literally, hours saved in prep time. They were worth their weight in gold.

jenaluca herb scissors
Jenaluca Herb Scissors Features

The design doesn’t stop at a cunning arrangement of blades either. They’ve built a “scissor comb” for your Jenaluca herb scissors which you use to swipe over the blades, just once with each use, to get rid of any stubborn bits of herb clinging on to the metal surfaces.

Yes, that means they’re very easy to clean and as you’d expect, they can be washed in the dishwasher with ease too. So, there’s no extra effort expended in the care of these scissors (something we’re always wary of – there’s no point in saving 5 minutes over the stove, if you have to spend an extra hour on washing up).

For maximum safety, they also come with a cute little transport case. Yes, these herb scissors are for cutting herbs and not for cutting fingers.

Bottom Line on The Jenaluca Herb Scissors

If there’s one gadget we’ve tested in the last month that all of the Kitchen Authority team has raved about – it’s these Jenaluca herb scissors. They’re such a simple concept that we can’t believe we didn’t think of them.

They’re super value (the pricing is incredibly reasonable) and if you’re thinking of buying the chef in your life a little gift – they may be just what you’ve been looking for.

For more time-saving and cost effective kitchen tools check out our article on the Best Kitchen Gadgets.


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