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Joseph Joseph Microwave Rice Cooker – A Great Way To Cook Rice In A Small Kitchen

2 billion Asian people can’t be wrong. Rice is simply one of the world’s greatest sources of carbohydrates in your diet.

It also makes an excellent bulking agent for meals with strong flavorsome sauces. That’s not just curries and chili – mustard and horseradish dishes from other cultures also go brilliantly with rice.

The trouble is that rice cookers often take up a big chunk of kitchen work surface space and that makes them less than practical for small kitchens.

That is until the Joseph Joseph Microwave Rice Cooker came along. Now, you can have rice in any environment!

Yellow Mustard Spanish Rice

I love mustard, I think it’s become seriously overlooked in an age of international cuisine but it’s an exciting flavor which adds real life to a dish and I think everyone ought to have a super mustard rice recipe.

So, I offer up Chef Alex Perez’s recipe today to help you get the most out of your rice:

Enjoy! I know I did.

So, The Rice Cooker?

I am not sure if I am just stuck in my ways but there’s something about microwave cooking that I consider “not quite as good” as the traditional methods but…

With this Joseph Joseph Microwave Rice Cooker; I honestly, can’t tell the difference between rice cooked this way and rice cooked in my rice cooker.

So, that means it gets my unreserved recommendation and unusually, it also means it’s earned itself a place in our kitchen.

It’s perfect for getting rice done quickly and cleanly with less effort and fuss than we’d normally put in.

Brilliant stuff.

You can check the price of the Joseph Joseph Microwave Rice Cooker on Amazon here; it’s worth it.

You can also enter to win the Microwave Rice Cooker today! Enter now!


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