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June Oven Review | 7 Appliances In 1 Makes For The Ultimate Kitchen Space Saver

This June Oven review is timely. With America trending towards smaller homes and smaller kitchens (and even tiny homes and tiny kitchens) it makes sense to start examining the best devices for saving space.

Here at Kitchen Authority, we’ve just been introduced to the June Oven and we’ve been blown away by it.

june oven review

This awesome little number is a convection oven, an air fryer, a dehydrator, a slow cooker, a broiler, a toaster and a warming drawer and all in a single small footprint!

If you’re trying to design the perfect tiny lifestyle – this is simply a must have device. For additional information on toaster ovens please refer to our 2019 Toaster Oven Buyer’s Guide.

Not Just A Small And Pretty Face | The June Oven Is A Smart Oven

We really like the look of the June Oven and it ought to look good in any kitchen but what really sets it apart from the crowd is that this is a smart oven.

june oven review interior

How does that work? Well, inside there’s a built-in camera which allows the oven to work out exactly what kind of food is inside it. Then it can make recommendations on the best way to cook that food.

It does require that you link it to a smartphone to deliver the recipes, but the idea is to simply help you make food faster.

The Sticker Price Of The June Oven Is A Shocker

Before we get too much further with singing the June Oven’s praises, we have to note that this is an expensive device. At nearly $700 it’s a big demand on the wallet and for many households that’s enough to put it firmly out of reach.

The question for those with $700 to spend is “does this represent good value for money?”

june oven reviews

Small But Big

While this is small compared to 7 separate cooking devices, it actually has a large footprint and that means it absolutely dominates the space it’s placed on.

We really like that the design incorporates a glass door so that you can check on what you’re cooking without letting all the heat out of the June oven.

june oven review of back of oven

On the bottom part of the door is also the touchscreen that lets you make decisions on how to cook and also to look up recipes.

It’s relatively spacious inside and a large chicken doesn’t fill the whole cubit foot of space.

The June Oven’s AI Is Good

The Artificial Intelligence function works as promised. If you buy any of the 50 or so foods that the June Oven is said to automatically recognize and pop it inside the oven – you get an instant recommendation as to how to handle that food.

We were impressed by how well this works in practice. It’s quick and accurate.

june oven review of touch screen

Whole Foods shoppers will be pleased to learn that any pre-packaged food that they buy will also be instantly recognized by the oven due to a deal with June.

We found that cooking times for the June Oven are similar to those in other equivalent devices – so the convection oven is a true convection oven, the toaster oven a true toaster oven and so on.

We found the app to be good but given the June Oven’s high price we were not impressed to discover that if you want access to the complete recipe library – you have to pay another $49 a year. If you don’t, you only get 100 out of the 250 recipes available.

Final Thoughts on the June Oven

june oven review dinner prepared

We really liked the June Oven because it is a technological marvel, but we can’t help but notice that for a space saving device, it’s a bit big and it’s also very expensive.

That leaves us happy to recommend this as a luxury purchase for a family with a bit of money to spend on fun stuff for their kitchen but to acknowledge that those with tighter budgets would be better off looking elsewhere.

You can find out more about the June Oven on their website.

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  1. I live on a tiny floating home. ie; houseboat, this would be so perfect. But that is not a price I can afford. So when will you have it as a prize give away, or if you need a product tester, I’m your woman.

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