Best BBQ Ever for Tailgating | Kamado Joe Junior

Summertime grilling with friends and family enjoying delicious grilled meat and grilled vegetables is an essential part of our lives at Kitchen Authority Headquarters.

Best BBQ Ever for Tailgating | Kamado Joe Junior 1
Kitchen Authority Headquarters

What better way to enjoy the glorious weather than firing up a grill at a picnic or campground? Cooking outdoors can be a challenge but with great products and tools like the Kamado Joe Junior it’s much simpler!

The Kamado Joe Junior is the perfect, portable ceramic grill with an expansive cooking surface for feasts with family and friends.

The word Kamado is actually the Japanese word for stove or cooking range – literally the “cauldron place.” GIs during World War II were impressed and the Kamado style BBQ was popularized on their return to the US. Since then the name Kamado has become synonomous with any ceramic or unfired-clay cookstove.

The Kamado Joe Jr is a relatively light-weight ceramic BBQ (68 Pounds) and has a monstrous 148.5 square-inch cooking surface. Loads of room to fire up a full beer-can chicken and some veggies. I’m a little bit famous in certain circles for my Kamado Leg of Lamb!

Best BBQ Ever for Tailgating | Kamado Joe Junior 2
Kamado Leg of Lamb

All in all this sweet Q is in the running for best barbeque ever for outdoor grilling on the go. Whether it’s a tailgate party or a weekend at a campsite in a national park, the Kamado Joe Junior will impress. We highly reccomend the Kamado Joe Junior Grill.

It’s a handsome portable grill that produces rich and smoky flavors. Plus, the handy handle is perfect for lugging it in and out of the garage.

You deserve a good time this summer getting together with friends new and old! Who doesn’t love a family BBQ down at the lake?

Best BBQ Ever for Tailgating | Kamado Joe Junior 3
Photo Credit: LEHMANS

Here’s a great chance for you to get your hands on a Kamado Joe Jr for this summer! This is the perfect score: a BBQ prize pack worth $800.

Best BBQ Ever for Tailgating | Kamado Joe Junior 4
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