Top 10 Kids Food Blogs To Inspire Family Dinner Time

As a Mom, I know how challenging cooking for kids can be!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite kids food blogs. These blogs have helped me countless times come up with new ideas for making all the kiddos happy at dinnertime.

Dinnertime is family time and is an important part of each day in our home so I put my heart into each meal!

Check out these blogs and their videos for inspiration for family dinner time!

Tori Avery

Tori is a mom blogger who knows all there is to know about food.

She says that her grandma is the one who inspired her to get into cooking and that growing her own food helped her become passionate about it.

Then she became a keen collector of cookbooks and in 2010, she began “The Shiksa in the Kitchen” her first food blog.

Now, she blogs under her own name Tori Avery and she’s still awesome!

Check out her classic potato latkes – we’ve never met a kid who didn’t love them.

Melissa Bailey’s Hungry Food Love

Melissa hails from the Dominican Republic and has been writing her Hungry Food Love blog from Upstate New York for a long while now.

Her approach to food is why she’s won attention as a top mom blogger and a top Latina blogger too.

If you want to better understand Melissa, you have to try her recipes. Her creativity is nearly unparalleled in the blogging world and you’re going to love what she has to offer.

Check out her Dulce De Leche Chocolate Cups and see what we mean.

Liren Baker’s Kitchen Confidante

Liren is currently working from the SF Bay Area but she’s lived in many cities across America and she brings a little taste of each to her work.

She began the blog in 2010 and has worked hard not just on her recipes but also on her photography.

She wants you to love the food as much as she and her family do and it shows.

We’d encourage you to be adventurous in your eating and we heartily recommend Liren’s Chipotle-Spiced Sweet Potato Tacos.

They’re really healthy too!

Kelsey Banfield, The Naptime Chef

Kelsey wears the “mom” part of her role as seriously as she wears the “chef” part.

This was one of the first mom food blogs back in 2009 and it has only gone from strength-to-strength over the years.

Her site is mainly focused on eating but there are some cool travel tips on there too.

Treat your family to a healthy snack this weekend and make them Kelsey Banfield’s Tomato, Bacon & Farro Salad. It’s so easy and so tasty!

Brenda Bennett, The Sugar Free Mom

Brenda Bennett was way ahead of the current “avoid sugar” curve.

Her blog has been running for over a decade and its main focus is family food without sugar.

That doesn’t mean that her food lacks taste, to the contrary it’s some of the best food that my family has ever tried.

What it does mean is fewer cavities, less weight gain and more energy to face the day with.

What family doesn’t want that?

Check out her amazing Keto Triple Berry Smoothie recipe for your first sugar free taste of Brenda’s brilliance!

Alyssa Brantley’s Everyday Maven

“Just eat real food,” that’s what Alyssa Brantley wants the world to know.

It’s great advice. It’s easy to follow and not at all complicated.

She proves time and again that this is a child-friendly approach too.

My kids love her work. My husband does too.

I also like when she says on her blog that by eating right at home, they don’t need to worry about eating “wrong” when they go to a restaurant or a party.

Try her easy skillet shepherd’s pie for your first taste and you’ll be going back for more in a hurry!

Kid Food Bloggers That Deserve Kudos: Denise Browning’s Easy And Delish

Denise is from Brazil though she’s now been in the USA for nearly 17 years.

She studied at the California Culinary Academy and graduated in Cordon Bleu.

She and her family now live in Texas.

She began by brining Brazilian cuisine to America but now, she blogs about food of every type.

Always, the home cooked meals that her two daughters love.

Our family absolutely loves her crustless banana meringue pie (chico balanceado). Try it and see!

Karly Campbell’s Buns In My Oven

Karly wants to assure you the title is really about buns not pregnancy, but her recipes are 100% family friendly.

She’s a homeschooling mom whose kids and husband like to be fed at the right time every day.

This inspired her to share her recipes and philosophy with the world.

It’s also what makes her one of the best moms in food blogging.

We highly recommend her grilled teriyaki chicken; she’s got the balance between sweet and savory down pat and we’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t take a second helping if offered it!

Shannon Carino’s Bento Lunch

Shannon Carino’s blog used to be “What’s for lunch at our house” but has evolved into a bento-specific blog format aimed at moms trying to get their kids to eat well.

There’s a big effort to show off the presentation of the food here as well as, of course, a focus on taste.

Shannon has also been a driving force in the environmental side of bento lunches and loves the way they encourage reusability and sustainability.

Check out her excellent recipe for blueberry cheesecake cookies; your kids will love them!

Alice Choi’s Hip Foodie Mom

We’re huge fans of Alice Choi here at Kitchen Authority.

We think she’s the super mom that we all kind of wish we were.

Her family origins are Korean but she’s 100% American and living in Wisconsin.

She has two lovely daughters who often appear on her blog and in the kitchen with her too.

We think that we’re going to go with her instant pot Asian beef short ribs as our favorite recipe of Alice’s but there’s nothing we’ve tried that we haven’t liked!