The Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker Is Great Value

Sometimes we feature products on Kitchen Authority because they’re truly essential and other times we feature them for the love of the silly. Today, we’re going with the silly.

No, it’s not a politician’s election promise comparison list but a sandwich maker that does more than sandwiches and looks wonderfully silly.

The Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker is capable of making omelets, waffles, snacks and more as well as sandwiches.

It also looks like a lady’s purse. Why? That’s a question that we’re not sure will ever be answered so we’re going with the parental favorite, “Just because.”

Making An Omelet In A Sandwich Toaster?

Yes, really it turns out that if you don’t have a frying pan (which is quite common for college students and those living in tiny inner-city apartments because they have no room) then you can hijack a toasted sandwich maker and make an omelet anyway.

I found this excellent demonstration of the principle from bettytigers. Watch the video here. In the interests of science, I followed this recipe and it worked!

So, The Kitchen Couture?

The Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker is one of those products that you’re going to know on sight as to whether you want it or not. You will either take great delight in the silly appearance or flinch from it like Dracula from a stake.

I liked it. It makes good sandwiches and decent omelets and the price tag is very, very reasonable.

You’re not paying for the design (in fact, you may be getting a discount because of it) and that means you’re getting a decent novelty product that actually works well.

Before you buy it is best to compare all the various features with our guide to the top sandwich makers here.


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