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Kitchen Craft Ceramic Egg Coddlers Give Your Eggs An Unusual Finish

Today I want to resurrect an old tradition, the coddling of eggs! Yes, it sounds like something that the British Queen might do to a disrespectful peasant but in truth, it’s a very healthy and easy way to cook eggs.

You can’t coddle eggs without an egg coddler and my chosen weapons for this are the Kitchen Craft Ceramic Egg Coddlers. I picked them up a few weeks ago and they’ve been used constantly for breakfasts ever since.

What Is A Coddled Egg?

The coddled egg is often known as a “cheater’s poached egg” and yes, that means it’s every bit as healthy as a poached egg but… it’s much easier to keep the shape of an egg that is cooked in a coddler than when you poach an egg in an ordinary pan.

I love poached eggs because eggs are full of protein and good cholesterol (and doctors now recommend that everyone eats an egg every day) and because they taste so good. But I love coddled eggs more because they look awesome.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to make a coddled egg:

So, Why These Coddlers?

I picked the Kitchen Craft Ceramic Egg Coddlers because I like their modern appearance and their presentation. As you might have guessed from the video tutorial; there’s not much that can go wrong when you make a coddled egg and so far, nothing has gone wrong when I use these at home.

They are easy to clean which is important to me but to be fair, there’s not much left in a coddler when you empty it. However, the biggest selling point of coddled eggs is that they look great and your family will absolutely love them.

You can buy the Kitchen Craft Ceramic Egg Coddlers from Amazon for a very reasonable price and you’ll be thrilled with them if you do.


  1. I have never heard of coddled eggs but after watching the video i have to say i soooo wanna try this with some bacon n grits


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Kitchen Craft Ceramic Egg Coddlers Give Your Eggs An Unusual Finish 5
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