Den Haven Professional Chef Knives, Multi Use 8pc Gift Set for Home Kitchen – The Perfect Starter Set Of Knives


Sometimes, you’ve got to get back to basics in the kitchen. It’s nice to have a fancy sous vide oven or an instant pot but you won’t use them every single day. Whereas you’re going to use a good knife set, every day of the year. But where do you start with knives?

You can spend a lot of cash on a good knife. Some run over the $1,000 mark! That seems excessive to me. However, before you spend a lot of money, you ought to buy a bunch of knives and see which ones you use the most often. A lot of people spend a fortune on a carving knife, for example, and then only used it once a month.

That’s where the Den Haven Professional Chef Knives come in. They’re the perfect place to get you started a lot of knives for a sensible price. I liked them a lot.

Work On Your Knife Skills

Most of us don’t realize that knives in the kitchen require a bit of work to get the most out of them. Sure hacking at stuff is easy but creating great food means putting in the effort to learn your knives. Here Worldwide Culinary Apprentice demonstrates the basics:

It’s not hard when you get used to it.

So, Den Haven?

These are not the most expensive knives on the market and I was pleasantly surprised to find how solid they were. They won’t fall to pieces in the first year or two of ownership and that’s a good thing. They’re all pretty sharp out of the box and all of them survived a top up sharpening without losing any sheen.

So, the Den Haven Professional Chef Knives get my vote for the best large starter set of chef knives that I’ve seen so far at Kitchen Authority.

I recommend that you buy the Den Haven Professional Chef Knives on Amazon as they are really good value for money.

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