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KRUPS Coffee Grinder: A Great Value Way To Make The Most Of Your Beans

Well, if there’s one thing guaranteed to get me to sit up and pay attention: it’s a cup of coffee. There’s no finer scent in the world, particularly, (as I usually am) if you’re being awoken earlier than you would choose in order to care for a tribe of little people before they go off to school for the day.

When you need coffee, you need fresh coffee.

The trouble is that grinding coffee beans is a bit of a pain and it’s one of those jobs that I never looked forward to when I had to do my grinding by hand. You need a surprising amount of fresh coffee for a pot of coffee.

TThe Krups Electric Grinder is a wonderful way to make this task easy.

Not Just Coffee

One thing that many people don’t seem to realize is that you don’t just grind coffee in a grinder; you can also grind many of the spices that you cook with to get an even better, fresher, flavor in every meal.

If you want to know why you should do this rather than buy pre-ground spices; I’ll let Melissa Clark of The New York Times explain:



Makes sense, right?

So, The Krups Coffee Grinder

This is a quality product and I was surprised at how well it handled the beans that I wanted to grind.

It’s worth noting, however, that electronic grinders rarely last forever and as substantial as this product seems it will be interesting to see how it performs in a year’s time.

It does work well for now and it’s easy to clean which is important. I also think it looks stylish and it makes a nice addition to the kitchen. I think everyone should have a coffee grinder and at this price point, I think the Krups might be it.

Get your Krups Coffee Grinder on Amazon today before the price goes up.

If you want additional information about coffee grinders and coffee makers check out our Kitchen Authority Complete Guide to Coffee Makers.



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KRUPS Coffee Grinder: A Great Value Way To Make The Most Of Your Beans 5
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