Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

We were very happy to jump in and do a Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven review. We believe a good dutch oven is an indispensable tool in the modern kitchen.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I cook a great meal when I have no time to get things ready in the evenings?”

The Dutch Oven is your savior.

It’s designed for cooking spectacular stews.

And because you slow cook a stew, you can get it ready any time, leave it in the fridge and then cook it when you come home – without losing any flavor at all.

Interested in why dutch ovens are called dutch ovens? The team at The Kitchn have the answers.

That’s Not All You Can Do With A Dutch Oven

In fact, while that’s the way I use my Dutch Oven if you want to get creative, there’s nothing you can’t cook in one.

One of the best uses of a Dutch Oven I’ve found in recent years is shown in this YouTube video, where one enterprising soul has managed to bake bread in one.

I tried it and it is absolutely brilliant, your family will love it.

What’s Good About This Dutch Oven?

This Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Dual Handles is a winner in two respects.

First, it’s a good size at 5 quarts and even the biggest family stew is never an issue. Second, it’s been pre-seasoned which means it will be easier to care for.

You should still wipe your Dutch Oven with a little Olive Oil and leave it open when you store it though, or it may pick up an unpleasant odor.

You can get your Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven online.

Want to compare Dutch Ovens? We highly recommend you check out the Milo Classic Dutch Oven. We love it!

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  1. My mom had a cast iron pot just like this. She made so many meals in hers. And it always went camping with us. I would love to win this I have many happy memories of sitting around the family table having this pot on its trivet in the middle of the table.

  2. I was jist telling my husband my grandmother had a cast iron dutch oven we used to cook Callard Greens.
    I had hers until a few years ago, loved cooking in that cast iron dutch oven.

  3. I could really use this as mine is as old as time itself. Plus you can use one on top of the stove and in the oven at the same time. One for supper and one for dessert!

  4. I loved my Lodge Dutch Oven but someone borrowed it and forgot to bring it back!!! I used it all the time too.

  5. I love my Lodge Dutch Oven. It is getting old and I would like an new one. Besides someone borrowed it and forgot to give it back!

  6. I love Lodge iron cookware. I use my Lodge iron skillets everyday. I make the best fried chicken in it. My biskets turn out great every time. I hope I can win this dutch oven, I don’t have an iron dutch oven. I sure would love to have one too.

  7. I love cast iron cooking. I think it may be passed down through the generations from my great grandfather he was a chuck wagon cook for ranches and cattle drives. Unfortunately the only thing I have left from those days is a beef saw.

  8. I had one but lost it in a move. Trying to buy all that I lost, but on social security it is really hard. I cook everything with cast iron cookware. It is the best!!!

  9. My mother always used a Dutch oven in the kitchen. She would use it to make split pea and
    potato and ham soup

  10. I love Dutch ovens u can cook anything in them.In fact we have a old one and I cook chilli in it and throw it on the wood stove it’s great they stay hot for a long time. I really need a new one.

    • I have that Dutch Oven but am 76 and haven’t cooked any Sourdough bread in over 45 years. Now I would like to fix some bread to cook in mine to check it out. Just not easy to stand and cook when you can’t walk because of MS. I still use my e cast-iron skillets.
      What I did was sew up hot pads folded in half slipped over the skillet handle and not worrying about grabbing that hot pad as it is already READY to be gripped and moved. Made 3 for my 3 skillets. I am a retired teacher and HOPE I have taught you my handle trick.

  11. I have just moved and starting over again in life gets harder the older I get, because everything gets more expensive! So since I have not won anything in years this would be a great win for me!

  12. I love your new site and the contest are great ?I’m hoping to win anything on kitchen authority because I need it all …cool site

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