Madetec Toaster Review | 2 Slice Wide-Slot Model

Our Madetec Toaster review was a breeze to put together. It’s a good toaster.

Toast is the perfect breakfast on the go. It’s also somewhat frustrating that your average toaster doesn’t like anything thicker than a slice of processed garbage bread out of a plastic bag.

That leaves you needing to find another solution for toasting your fresh bread or your bagels or your muffins and that pretty much sucks.

However, if you have a Madetec 2 Slice Wide-Slot Toaster then you can turn that around.

Your toaster becomes a much more versatile machine and it comfortably earns the space that it takes up in your kitchen.

Yes, I am a fan of toasters that offer me a choice. So, are my family.

Madetec Toaster Review

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Something Strangely British On Toast

Marmite is a very popular yeast spread with our chums over the Atlantic.

What Is Marmite? There’s a great article on Delish that delivers the low-down on Marmite.

The product’s slogan is “you’ll love it or hate it” and this appears to be completely true.

My own family is split down the middle on this but I love Marmite and I write this column, so I win, today at least.

This is a recipe for Marmite and cheese on toast, will you try it?

Seriously, it’s yummy, unless it’s not.

So, The Madetec Toaster?

It’s surprisingly good for a budget toaster.

I was pleased to find that it does allow you to stuff in almost any sized slice of bread or a decent sized bagel and make it toasted.

Check out our guide to the 10 Best Sandwich Breads, because this toaster can handle it.

I was even more pleased to discover that it toasts evenly and reasonably quickly (we don’t run stopwatch tests on toasters but maybe we should?)

My family likes it too but our one reservation with the product is that it’s only for 2 slices. We eat a lot of toast and a bigger toaster is essential for day-to-day use.

Keep that in mind when you make a buying decision.


  1. This is so nice and we need a new toaster so so bad. Husband lost his job and can’t afford a toaster. I know it sounds so low that we can’t afford a toaster but we can’t. Just trying to keep our bills paid like electricity Etc. Thank you for this opportunity to win a new toaster

  2. I love to toast homemade holiday bread, but my toaster isn’t wide enough. Really love to win this one. I

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