5 Best Mexican Food Recipes For Family Feasts

These Mexican food recipes are a near-miracle in our house.

They end all squabbles and beefs and put a smile on all our faces. It’s our all time favorite food to share as a family.

Buen provecho!

The Best Quesadilla Recipes Ever

Our tour of international gastronomy turns to Mexico this week and we begin with one of my all-time favorite dishes – the humble (or not so humble) quesadilla.

RecipeTin Eats explores all the possible ways that you can wolf down a quesadilla in a moment of culinary ecstasy and I suggest that you try them all.

I have, over and over again!

What’s your favorite way to eat quesadillas?

The Ultimate Mexican Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are the staple food of the traditional Western world but it’s not just Americans who know how to slap wonderful fillings into bread and make a dish tasting of heaven. Sandwiches are global!

Oh no, the Vietnamese Banh Mi has become world famous now and I suspect that the Mexican Torta will be hot on its heels.

If you love meat, this is the sandwich for you!

Do you like tortas? How do you make yours?

Mexican Yellow Rice For You!

Mexican food is hardly Mexican food without rice and one of the finest rice recipes from the country is Mexican Yellow Rice.

Here, Laura in the Kitchen walks you through a very simple process to make your own and it’s been shared with over a quarter of a million people on YouTube to date.

Check it out and then get ready to rice!

Rice is really good for keeping your food costs low. Do you eat a lot of rice in your household?

The Yummy Mexican Lentil Soup Is An Excellent Mexican Food Recipe

This Mexican food recipe is from the “Yum & Yummer Cookbook” so I would have been disappointed if it wasn’t yummy but I am happy to report that it is very yummy indeed. Yum!

It’s also fairly healthy, at least in comparison to the more meat and cheese heavy Mexican dishes.

My family practically crowded round the soup pot to grab the last little drops of this. It’s awesome.

Why not set aside some time to cook this for your family today?

The Healthiest Bean Salad From Mexico!

I feel like many of the recipes we feature on Kitchen Authority are very tasty but not always so healthy.

So today I can report that Cooking With Alia’s recipe for bean salad is extremely healthy and I am also surprised to share that my children loved this as much as my husband and I did.

So, it’s worth preparing and enjoying as a family!

It’s not always easy to get my kids to eat healthy food, so I am always happy when they find something they like. Can you relate?

Charting The Path To Chicken Tostadas

Rockin Robin Cooks has added life to a recipe that I’ve never been all that keen on. Their chicken tostadas appear to have been overlooked by YouTube’s audience but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them.

In fact, I am going to put my neck on the line and say that these are the tastiest tostadas that I have ever eaten!

What did you think? Will you try this recipe?

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