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Microplane Grater Is An All-Round Winner

The Microplane Grater falls soundly in the “essential” category of kitchen tools. There are “optional” tools in the kitchen and then there are the essentials. For us, at Kitchen Authority, we can’t think of many tools more essential than a good grater.

One thing we’ve noticed is that most of the time people skimp on budgeting for a good grater. We cry foul! Invest in a good grater like the Microplane Grater. The rewards are worth it!

The Microplane Four Blade Four-Sided Box Grater is a serious tool and it means that you can turn grating from a dull task into an art form.

This is why we recommend the Microplane Grater! We’ve even included the Microplane in our round-up of the best cheese graters. Check it out here.

Grated Cheese Is A Cook’s Best Friend

microplane cheese grater

Cheese is awesome. It’s so tasty and there’s hardly a dish that goes by that won’t benefit from the addition of a little (or a lot) of cheese. The trouble is, cheese is a bit on the expensive side.

If you do nothing but cut your cheese – you’re going to use a lot of it. That means either a very high grocery bill or a bunch of dishes going without cheese.

The alternative is simple. When you grate cheese, you add huge amounts of volume to the same weight of cheese. That means it goes further. Costs you less. We like that.

Why We Love The Microplane Cheese Grater

We’ve bought cheap cheese graters in the past and come to regret it. They rust easily. They go dull quickly and they’re often uncomfortable to hold and use. The Microplane Grater helps us get past these things and makes grating a pleasure, instead.

It’s made from photo-etched USA ultra-sharp blades that don’t rust and won’t dull.

The handle is ergonomically adapted to ensure that you won’t lose grip on it at an inconvenient moment (we’ve never grated our fingers with the Microplane Grater).

It has three most commonly used grating blade surfaces too (that is an ultra-coarse, fine and ribbon surface) which means you can always achieve the consistency of grating that you want for the recipe you are tackling.


One thing we liked about this grater is how easily it adapts to being something other than a cheese grater. It can tackle vegetables, citrus, hard cheeses (mmm… fresh parmesan), garlic, ginger, nutmeg, chocolate and much more.

Whatever you want to reduce to tiny little chunks, the Microplane grater can handle it.

It is also very simple to clean. You can detach the fine cutting blade panel and that means you can give it a thorough internal clean something that’s not always easy with other graters.

Final Thoughts on The Microplane Grater

This Microplane Grater is not the cheapest grater on the market but it’s unlikely to cause any harm to all but the most basic budget, either.

If you want a grater that’s built to last, makes short work of everything thrown at it, looks good, handles safely and cleans well – there’s no better choice for your kitchen.

You can check the latest price of the Microplane Four Bland Four-Sided Box Grater online.

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