The Microwave Sandwich Maker and Panini Press: Not Perfect But Works Better Than We Expected

We might have to add a new class to our sandwich maker guide next year: the microwave sandwich maker.

We didn’t take it into account at the time we wrote it because we didn’t know such a thing existed and even if we had known, we’d have been a bit skeptical of them.

However, it does exist and this our first review of just such a product:

Our Criteria For A Microwave Sandwich Maker Review

We’re going to judge the microwave sandwich maker on the same criteria as all the other sandwich makers. Now, it says it’s a “panini press” but for our money it’s a straight sandwich maker. It’s very much fixed for depth and slice sizing and by far the easiest bread to use with it is a pre-sliced processed loaf.

It also loses points for size; this is a single sandwich at a time deal and when you consider that it’s not, by any means, a “cheap” option. That’s a bit disappointing. However, we suppose the price can be justified based on the lower levels of demand for a product like this.

The build quality like most plastic products is OK. The locks on either side won’t last forever but they’re not going to disintegrate after a couple of uses either.

One big plus is that you can use this microwave sandwich maker as a microwave grill surface so if you don’t have a combination microwave this can be a key selling point.

Our biggest whine however is that a microwaved sandwich is by necessity a soggier sandwich than a grilled one. This product does the best it can but the end product isn’t as good as using a more traditional sandwich maker, but it is perfectly edible.

A Sandwich To Try In The Microwave Sandwich Maker

If you’re going to be adventurous in your sandwich maker choice, then be adventurous in your choice of sandwich too – this Bombay masala toast works surprisingly well in the microwave because it’s a more moist recipe than many others anyway.


This is not a perfect sandwich maker but if you have a microwave and no room for a sandwich maker; it’s definitely better than nothing.

The grill function is also useful. It’s decent value for money.

Check out the price of the Microwave Sandwich Maker on Amazon here.


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