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Miele Dishwasher Reviews | Premium Pricing Reflects High Quality Products

Miele Dishwashers are well-known for high quality. Miele is a brand intimately connected with precision engineering. They have been making high-end quality appliances from their German base for over a century now.

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They made their first electric dishwasher in 1929. They continue to make dishwashers to this very day.

Miele is a symbol of quality and that quality comes at a price. Your average Miele is going to set you back roughly $400 more than the cost of an average dishwasher in the United States.

However, repair companies note that because the parts are made in Germany, they see far fewer Miele dishwashers for repair than other brands.

General Features Of Miele Dishwashers

Other Miele dishwasher reviews are likely to skip to the individual models but it’s worth taking a moment to acknowledge the common features of all Miele dishwashers before taking a glance at the best Miele dishwashers of the year.

The Triple Rack Approach

All dishwashers have two racks, but Miele has incorporated three. The top rack is designed to accommodate silverware and that means, you don’t have space taken up by a silverware basket in the other racks – this can be very handy particularly in large families.

The middle rack (the traditional top rack) is completely adjustable so that you can size it to grip whatever you are washing and the lower rack will allow you to take out the tines (most of them, at least) so you can put large pots in comfortably too.

The Triple Wash Arms

If you have three racks, you need three washing arms to get water to everywhere it’s needed. Miele is one of the very few dishwasher companies to build dishwashers to this standard.

The Miele Dry Cycle Is Unique

Miele dishwashers are unique in their approach to drying. They actually pull cool air from outside of the dishwasher to absorb steam and their high-end models also add fans to make this even more effective. This makes them among the fastest dry cycles of any dishwasher series.

Miele Dishwasher is Handle Free

If you want to open a Miele dishwasher you just knock twice on the outside of the door. No handles gives the dishwashers a classic form factor.

Some Miele models also have the controls on the inside of the door making them even more stylish to look at.

The Best Miele Dishwashers

In our Miele dishwasher review we decided that the best performer of them all was the:

Miele G6745SCUCLST Futura Dimension
The Best All Round

This is simply the best balance between the price tag and the features provided. There are the 9 wash programs (as well as a ton of customizable options) that ensure every wash comes out perfectly.

You can fit a ridiculous 16 settings in a single wash. It’s also one of the quietest dishwashers in history (sub-40 decibels).

We also like the fact that it includes the automatic door opening at the end of a dry cycle to ensure that the dishes dry as quickly as possible.

There’s an energy saving cycle for fast/smaller washes that keeps your water and electricity costs to a minimum.

Miele G42228SCUSS Futura Classic Plus
Best Budget Dishwasher

If you want a Miele dishwasher but our best all-rounder is just too expensive, you might want to consider the excellent lowest cost dishwasher in their range. It’s a bit noisier (46 decibels) but it washes just as many place settings (16).

It has fewer pre-programmed wash cycles but incorporates an auto-sensor which can customize the cycle to the load it detects in the dishwasher!

It’s fair to say that there’s been no corner cutting in order to reduce the price tag to a more affordable number.

The Miele G6987 SCVi K20 Futura Diamond
Best Luxury Dishwasher

If you don’t go into shock when you see the sticker price of this item, you’re looking at one of the best dishwashers you can buy and certainly the best Miele dishwasher.

This is an ultra-quiet model that can accommodate ridiculously large loads of washing, with the sleekest of designs. The Miele Brilliant Light Technology used to light the interior is without compare in the dishwashing industry. The baskets are all easy to customize and different too.

This is a cut above but for that price? It ought to be.

Final Thoughts

You buy a Miele dishwasher when you want a dishwasher that will last. You ought to get 20 year out of any of these dishwasher models. They’re world class designs backed up with world class engineering.

A Miele dishwasher is the sign of a discerning consumer who is concerned about value for money in the long-term and not just the sticker price today. We can thoroughly recommend these products. They’re awesome.

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