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Modern Innovations Teapot And Infuser Set

The Modern Innovations Teapot is a touch of the classic combined with the modern and delivers a stylish tea maker we can all enjoy

Sometimes the new beats the old.

For example, there’s no doubt that a smartphone is better than a carrier pigeon. Unless you’re receiving an invoice in which case that carrier pigeon probably has a little bit of an advantage. And in others the old beats the new, there’s no denying, for example, that 80s pop music is way better than today’s pop music. Unless you’re a teenager that is.

If you want to jump right into a thorough search of the best Tea Makers then check out our Tea Makers Guide.

But some things take a little of the old and a little of the new and put them together to give you something better than both. The Modern Innovations Clear Glass Teapot and Infuser Set is one such item.

Something To Make Your Tea Creative

We’ve looked at tea a lot recently but one thing we’ve not looked at is how we can make our tea into something even more interesting than when it comes out of the teapot.

How about a London Fog?

That’s a latte made out of tea. Earl Grey is a popular choice because it’s a very British taste in teas.

Here’s how to make a London Fog:

Great, right?

So, The Modern Innovations

I like the way you fill the strainer/infuser and allow it to percolate through the tea, the fact that this  is at the top of the pot (as it should be) means that you get an even flavor spreading throughout the brew and that’s very important as it ensures no element of the taste overwhelms your palate.

I also very much like the way this one looks and I think it’s got enough classic appeal mixed with modern style to last for a very long time, indeed. I thoroughly recommend this one.

You can buy The Modern Innovations Clear Glass Teapot and Infuser Set on Amazon for a very reasonable price. So, why not do it today?


  1. My Grandmother taught me to truly love tea. She would have loved this pot!! I would love this to always remind me of my Grandmother.

  2. Love to have this teapot at 3:00 each afternoon. Nothing like a brewed cup of comfort!


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