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Mr. Coffee Electric Grinder – An Essential Tool For Any Coffee Lover’s Armory

The secret to good coffee is rarely in the machine or tool you use to brew the water.

Sure, an espresso requires pressure and concentrated heat but a good cup of Joe?

That’s straight up down to the beans, not the technological marvel you have on the kitchen bench.

The trouble is, as I am sure you coffee lovers already know, grinding by hand sucks. It’s really hard work and while the coffee is great, by the time you finish – you’re in need of a stronger drink. So, I was delighted when the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Grinder arrived on my doorstep this month to test.

What You Need To Know About Grinding

There are purists who insist on hand grinding. I wish them luck with that but the truth is that ground coffee is ground coffee, and it has no idea whether it’s been ground by machine or by hand. However, what does matter for your coffee’s quality is the size of the grind.

So, this is what you need to know about that:

Simple, right?

So, The Mr. Coffee Grinder?

I am sorry to report that I am not 100% impressed with the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Grinder. It’s not a terrible device by any means and the grinds are perfectly OK but it feels a bit cheap and plasticky.

I am not convinced that this product will last for a long period of time. It’s reasonably cheap but it’s not “really cheap” and that might put you off if you need serious longevity from your devices. Other than that, though, it’s fine.

You can buy the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Grinder on Amazon today if you want it!

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If you want additional information about coffee grinders and coffee makers check out our Kitchen Authority Complete Guide to Coffee Makers. It’s a fair and honest appraisal of the best coffee makers.


  1. That’s awesome about Mr. Coffee Electric Grinder. Hopefully I would like into contest to get win. Thank you for show me those product.


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Mr. Coffee Electric Grinder – An Essential Tool For Any Coffee Lover’s Armory 5
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