My Shanghai: Recipes and Stories from a City on the Water

my shanghai

There is no culinary culture quite like China’s. 

In fact, China has many schools of cookery and while they all rely on sharp knives, many eschew woks for frying pans and indoor grills. 

Coming to grips with what Chinese cuisine has to offer can be challenging but in My Shanghai by Betty Liu, it’s made easy.

Shanghai: A City Not A Country

Betty doesn’t intend to take us for a tour of China but rather just what its most populous and vibrant city has to offer.


She has collected over 100 recipes, 150 photographs and countless stories to ease you into appreciating “China’s Crown Jewel”

A Family Affair

Betty grew up in Shanghai and its food is nearly a part of the family. 

She brings her own family’s experiences to the table to make the food even more appealing and shows us the traditions and joys of Shanghainese food that many outsiders will never be able to appreciate.

a family affair

If you wanted to improve your Chinese cookery skills this year, or even if you just have a fascination with China itself, Betty Liu’s book is the ideal companion for it. 

You can grab a copy online here.