New World Sourdough Is An Artisan Bread Roadmap

You’d be amazed at just how much goes into creating sourdough recipes. And the world’s greatest sourdough maker has to be Bryan Ford author of New World Sourdough.

New World Sourdough Is An Artisan Bread Roadmap 1

Honduras And New Orleans

Bryan’s background is Honduran but he was brought up in New Orleans and he brings a fusion of the two cultures to his recipes. 

His techniques aren’t technical.  You won’t be spending your time obsessed with crumb structure or watching the temperature of your creations like a hawk.

He’s aiming for enjoyable cookery and he succeeds.

Step-By-Step For A Wide Range Of Outcomes

We were really impressed with how easy these recipes are to follow and how they take you from start to finish without stress.
It’s almost like having Bryan in your kitchen with you to guide you through it.

With this book you’ll make sourdough pizza, Challah, Pita, Pullman loaves and so much more.

And we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy all of them because we did.

You can find New World Sourdough: Artisan Techniques For Creative Homemade Fermented Breads by Bryan Ford online.