The Ninja Master Prep Chopper & Blender Review

Ninja is a big name in blenders and while, perhaps, not as well-known as Vitamix, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

So, you’d not be surprised to learn that in our recent roundup of the best blenders in our Kitchen Authority Guide the Ninja Master Prep Chopper and Blender did very well!

The Criteria

The Ninja Master comes with a 48-ounce pitcher for blending in and that’s a fairly substantial size.

There are bigger models on the market but for the price range this is a big-hitter. It also has a nice 16-ounce bowl for chopping stuff in.

This offers a 400 W interchangeable power pod which some say isn’t enough to get the job done – we’d beg to disagree and say that the Ninja Master Prep Chopper and Blender handled every job we threw at it without any problems at all. Ice was smashed in seconds.

Next, we turn to price and this is a little pricier than many other models but it is more robust than many others and we felt that the build quality was a very good reason to pay an extra $5 over models in the same class from other manufacturers.

We also like the increased levels of functionality – the chopper attachment is really handy, particularly, if you eat a lot of vegetables or make a lot of salad.

It didn’t feel like a gimmick but rather an attachment we’d needed but just hadn’t known existed. We think that you’ll love it too.

Something To Try When You Buy This Blender

This carrot and milk smoothie not only tastes great but it looks amazing too. This is healthy and nutritious and all around awesome.

Give it a try when you pick up a Ninja Master!

Another recipe you should try these Healthy Smoothie Recipes, there’s 6 flavors to choose from!

Final Thoughts on the Ninja Master Prep Chopper & Blender

The Ninja Master Prep Chopper & Blender is a wonderful blender and it deserves its position in our top 5 blenders of 2019. It’s built to stand the test of time and it really makes short work of blending. We highly recommend it.

You can check the price of the Ninja Master Prep Chopper & Blender on Amazon.

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