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Old Dutch Cast Iron Osaka Teapot Review

Sometimes, it’s nice to go back to a classic design of an item.

Teapots today come in a wide range of shapes and styles but I have to say that from a visual perspective, I like things that look incredibly solid. You can find our reviews of all Tea Makers in our monster Tea Makers Guide.

That’s where the Old Dutch Cast Iron Osaka Teapot comes in. It’s incredibly solid.

It also has a fairly unusual property because of the large amount of heavy metal used to make the thing, it retains heat much better than most other teapots and that means even an hour after you’ve taken it off the heat – the tea inside is still piping hot.

That’s an impressive achievement.

Cleaning Cast Iron

Cast iron is a wonderful thing but it’s a pain to clean and to keep in top condition. Or at least it was until Cowboy Kent Rollins shared his secret method of cleaning cast iron.

This is a really useful trick and one that I’ve adopted in my own kitchen:

Good stuff, right?

So, The Old Dutch Teapot?

I really liked the Old Dutch Teapot. It probably won’t be replacing my usual teapot but I think it would make a smart addition to any kitchen.

Tea is a fantastic drink and has both healing and energizing properties and I think it would be good if more Americans were to start having a daily cup of tea.

Of course, it’s a bit heavier than most designs and you’re going to want to be careful as to how you store it because a vulnerable shelf might just give way under the weight.

But other than that, this is a great item which should last forever.

You can buy the Old Dutch Cast Iron Osaka Teapot on Amazon and it’s not too expensive either.


  1. I love the cast iron teapot besides keeping you favorite tea warmer and just a tiny little bit of food grade safe a little bit of iron not much this is so tiny it DOES NOT change the taste of tea. My iron teapot was given to my son who likes to. drink herbal tea can I. Win one teapot please?


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