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Original Bear Paws Meat Shredder Claws Review

The Original Bear Paws Meat Shredder Claws are the best BBQ assistants you can get and they’re very inexpensive.

We occasionally find ourselves sat around a table here at Kitchen Authority discussing why we didn’t think of something; the original bear paws shredder claws are one of those things.

They’re so simple but they make such a HUGE difference to the way you barbecue that you can’t believe you didn’t come up with them, yourself.

There’s nothing better than a barbecue and it’s the most American of meals.

So let’s see how the original bear paws shredder claws can add some serious value to your barbecues and why it’s not just a meat shredder.

the original bear claws meath shredder

How To Make BBQ Pulled Beef

Before we get into a discussion of the meat shredder aspects of the bear paws, we need to take a moment to acknowledge why we need these awesome devices.

Pulled pork and pulled beef are staples of Southern Barbecue. The trouble is that they can be a bit of a pain to serve and prepare with standard kitchen equipment.

Here check out this great recipe for BBQ pulled beef if you’re not already familiar with how it’s made:

It’s so tasty! The softness of the meat makes our taste buds do a happy dance just thinking about it.

So Where Do The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws Come In?

One of nature’s most effective “shredders” is the bear. The largest land carnivore can rip its pretty to pieces in an instant with its wonderful claws.

So, when you want to tackle a meat shredder task in your home, what better way to do it than to emulate a bear?

You just pop these “claws” on the ends of your hands and make like a bear with the meat. You won’t get burned and the meat will be in easy to serve piles in seconds.

No fuss, no hassle. Just boom! Barbecue like you want it.

However, their utility doesn’t end there.

bear paws shredder claws meat shredder

When barbecue season is over they come in incredibly handy for lifting joints of meat from the stove.

Need to shift that turkey easily on Thanksgiving? Then grab the bear paws and grab it! Of course, you won’t need the meat shredder aspect for your turkey but that’s fine you don’t have to shred your turkey.

The bear paws have been named the nation’s favorite BBQ Tool by the National BBQ Association and we think they made the right call.

We also like the price of the claws; you’re not going to spend a fortune on this capable meat shredder and roast carrying device.

Best of all they’re 100% dishwasher safe and non-toxic. They also won’t melt on the grill.

Overall Thoughts On The Original Bear Paws Shredder Claws

If you love BBQ you need a pair of bear claws, there’s no better meat shredder on the market and they’re a ton of fun to use.

Once you’re tucking into your pulled pork, you’ll know immediately that you made the right decision.

You can check the latest price of the original bear paws shredder claws on Amazon.

If you’re searching for additional information on kitchen tools check out our article that covers the 50+ Kitchen Tools.

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