Parwana | Recipes And Stories From An Afghan Kitchen

It’s not the first cuisine that comes to mind when you want a hearty meal, but Afghan food has a rich and long history.

Durkhani Ayubi brings that history and cuisine to life in Parwana: Recipes And Stories From An Afghan Kitchen.

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From Humble Beginnings

Durkhani’s parents had to flee the conflict in Afghanistan and in 1987 that meant getting away from the invading forces of the USSR.

They headed to Australia and built themselves a new life there in Adelaide.

In 2009, the family opened their restaurant Parwana to welcome people of all cultures to experience the joys of Afghan food.

Family Recipes

Each recipe presented here is a taste of family history.

You’ll find rice, curry, dumplings, drinks, bread, soups, and much more. And each one of them is accompanied by a story designed to help you appreciate the heritage of the dish .

banjaan borani recipe

You can feel the rich traditions of hospitality and generosity that the Afghan culture is famed for through the pages.

There’s great inspiration here.

Imagery That Brings The Food Alive

You’re going to love the photography inside this book.

It brings the good to life by not just illustrating the dishes but also the locations within the country of Afghanistan that the food is relevant to.

parwana book

This is like a travel book, a cultural history and an incredible recipe book all in one. Don’t miss out on it.

You can find Parwana: Recipes And Stories From An Afghan Kitchen by Durkhanai Ayubi online.

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