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Pico U Brew Everything Review

Pico U Brew Everything Review 2

Brewing things. It’s an awesome way to make tasty drinks. It’s also a great way to fill your home with endless gadgets. A coffee maker, a tea maker, a soda maker, a beer maker, etc. It’s like they expect all of us to be living in palaces rather than ordinary homes.

My cupboards are bursting at the seams!

Enter the Pico U Brew Everything. One brewing machine that tackles every kind of brewing project that you could possibly have in your home.

It may be the most exciting thing that I have ever seen on Kickstarter!

This Is Not A Review

I have to confess at this point. This is not a review. It can’t be. I haven’t had a chance to play with the Pico U Brew Everything, yet.

This little beauty isn’t available until after the Kickstarter ends. Which means it’s the first product I’ve ever featured that I haven’t used.

However, I can show you a little about it because they’ve made a lovely video on YouTube to show backers what they’re backing:

Confession Number Two

While I am cleaning my slate, I have to confess that I can’t wait for this to arrive so that I can test it. It’s raised over 7 times its funding limit on Kickstarter and that means in early 2019, the mailman is going to be bringing me a little present!

My husband thinks this is his chance to become a master craft beer brewer, so persuading him that we could afford this was easy!


  1. I really want to WIN!!!
    I never win ANYTHING 😩
    I get all these drawings and never win ANYTHING!!!!!!😭
    Show me all these ENTRIES aren’t fake please 😁

    • Hi Cassandra,

      On average we get 3,000 individual entries to each draw. You can get extra entries using social media, daily revists, etc. you could end up with as many as 30-50 entries which means you have a 1 in 100 to 1 in 60 chance of winning when you do. That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win in 3 months but it does mean you have a great chance of doing so, if you maximize your chances.

      And we promise, there are winners of every draw. You can follow our Facebook page to see some of the lovely people who have won!

      Good luck 🙂

  2. Would really love to win this handy brew everything Pico gadget. I would be getting rid of a few kitchen appliances !! Thank you for all the great contests here !


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