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Pineapple Tumbler & Craft Cocktail Glass: A Bit Of Fun For Your Next Cocktail Party

We are often very practical here on Kitchen Authority and that’s because, out of necessity, cooking and kitchen work is practical. Nobody wants to spend three hours pirouetting on their work surfaces to end up with a lot of fun but nothing to eat do they?

However, we also know the value of being able to let your hair down which brings us to this Pineapple Tumbler & Craft Cocktail glass. It’s finished in gold and it gives the illusion of a more decadent life than I can normally afford. The question that now needs answering is, “do cocktails taste good in it?” And I am pleased to do the research required to bring you that answer. 😉

How To Make The Perfect Pineapple Cocktail

I turned to the Tipsy Bartender to teach me how to make a Mai Tai in a pineapple, though instead of using an actual pineapple… I used my pineapple glass. Check this out though, it’s a wonderful recipe and I really enjoyed these as did my husband and some of our friends who came over to try it too.

This is truly scrumptious but for adults only. Remember that, kids and alcohol do not mix well.

So, About The Tumbler

There’s no dressing this up, this is a posh glass and as such there’s not that much to say about it. You put liquid in it before you put the liquid in you. As it held the liquid for as long as needed before I tipped it into my mouth – it passed the important test with flying colors.

So, all that remains is to decide whether or not you like the look of it. I did and do. I couldn’t use this every day but I do like to play the aristocrat occasionally and this suits my flights of fancy. Your own mileage may vary.

You can buy yourself a gold pineapple tumbler on Amazon for a reasonable price (this is a luxury item) and if you feel so inclined, I recommend that you do.

WINNER is Jan!
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Pineapple Tumbler & Craft Cocktail Glass: A Bit Of Fun For Your Next Cocktail Party 5
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