Plinius Salt And Pepper Grinder Seasons Well

I am a big believer in understanding what you eat. One thing that I’ve noticed in recent years is that many people seem to be avoiding seasoning their food properly. “Salt=bad” appears to be the media message that has triggered this. However, this isn’t true.

Everybody needs salt in their diet and properly seasoned food tastes much better than food without. What you do need to do is cut down on excess salt used in pre-packaged food as a preserving agent.

Then you need great salt and pepper grinders, like The Plinius Design Premium Stainless-Steel Salt And Pepper Grinder Set.

Plinius Salt And Pepper Grinder Seasons Well 1

How To Season A Steak

If you’ve not been seasoning meat, you may not have been exposed to the right methodology.

This great video shows you how to properly season a steak and once you’ve done it like this – you’ll never go back to how things were before. Check out the video here.

It’s so good like this.

What About The Plinius Kit?

Well, The Plinius Design Premium Stainless-Steel Salt And Pepper Grinder Set is really very nice.

It’s robust and solid and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Fill it with quality black peppercorns and some nice pink Himalayan salt and you’ll be ready to eat the tastiest meat in history!

You can buy The Plinius Design Premium Stainless-Steel Salt And Pepper Grinder Set online for a very reasonable price.


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  27. When we have steaks. we add black pepper. And a dash of salt or we use steak seasons. If we was to win the. Grinders. We could mix everything together in them. Would make. Seasoning the meat a lot better

  28. Healthier eating is my main goal
    I will be putting a salt alternative in this stylish shaker with NoSalt ? should I get lucky enough to win a fan’tastic giveaway

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