10 Essential Podcasts for Aspiring Chefs & Serious Home Cooks

We love to learn more about cooking whenever we can.

We read a lot and have recently dived into The Flavor Bible, The Omari McQueen Story, and ooni King’s excellent My Korea

But, there’s a problem and it’s simply that we don’t always have the time or energy to read a book. 

Fortunately, for us and you, there’s another way to learn and that’s why we’ve put together this list of essential podcasts for aspiring chefs and serious home cooks. 

The Kitchen Counter

the kitchen counter

To get you warmed up, let’s start with Roger at The Kitchen Counter

His no nonsense approach to cooking might seem a bit simplistic but it takes a lot of talent to make something complicated this easy to follow. 

Home Cooking

Now let’s take it up a gear. 

Home Cooking is the brainchild of Hrishikesh Hirway and Samin Nosrat.

Yes, the Samin Nosrat of Salt Fat Acid Heat fame. 

Samin does the teaching, Hirway brings the jokes and the willingness to learn. 

Home Cooking is a masterclass that everyone can enjoy. 

Local Mouthful

local mouthful

This is an excellent podcast which gets to grips with the thorny issues of eating locally produced products.

Joy Manning and Marisa McClellan bring their skills as food writers and home cooks together to deliver a podcast that’s 100% practical and even more relatable in Local Mouthful


Preheated is a really cool concept and while you won’t be able to hear it – Andrea Ballard and Stefin Kohn rarely meet in real life.

That’s because they live on opposite sides of the world. 

Whatever you wanted to know about baking, you’ll learn it here. 


This is an excellent podcast brought to you by the folks at America’s Test Kitchen.

proof podcast

We love how Bridget Lancaster confidently takes on the industry, the stories behind the dishes, the food itself and reviews every gadget without flinching.

Proof is a podcast that teaches and entertains in equal measure. 

The Splendid Table

A discussion about food around a table between a journalist, Francis Lam, and his guests and the audience? 

That’s The Splendid Table in a nutshell and it works superbly well. 

The Sporkful

Dan Pashman is an award-winning culinary journalist and it’s obvious as soon as you start to explore The Sporkful.

the sporkful podcast

If there’s a new angle to learn about food, Dan’s looking into it now. 

Tanya’s Table

Tany Holland is our kind of chef.

She’s a blogger, podcaster, author, diplomat and restaurant owner and she knows nearly everyone in the food world.

From recipes to food culture, you’ll find it all at Tanya’s Table


We can’t get enough of Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley’s deep knowledge of food. 

gastropod podcast

Every question that you ever had as a cook is answered here and they strip everything down to the basics to examine it in detail. 

Cooking has never been so fascinating as it is in Gastropod

Green Eggs And Dan

We end with a podcast that is as funny as it is useful.

Green Eggs and Dan is the brainchild of Dan Ahdhoot who is a decent chef and top notch comedian.

Every episode begins in the refrigerator and then it can go almost anywhere but it’s always amusing and thought provoking. 

Final Thoughts On Our 10 Essential Podcasts for Aspiring Chefs & Serious Home Cooks

We hope that you’ve found the perfect listen in our essential podcasts for aspiring chefs and serious home cooks.

There’s several lifetimes worth of hard work and culinary excellence to consume here and we’re positive that it will be worth it.