Proctor Silex 10-Cup Coffee Maker: A Strong Contender For Best Value Family Coffee Maker

Coffee, it’s the all American beverage that none of us can live without. Well, more and more people are choosing to live without it – even though there is no evidence that coffee is bad for us. As a stimulant, it’s a very minor one and there is strong research to show that men who drink a lot of coffee suffer from fewer incidences of prostate cancer!

So, don’t be ashamed of your coffee habit, wear it on your sleeve like the Stars and Stripes itself. It’s how we roll. This unusually patriotic outburst leads me to today’s review subject: the Proctor Silex 10-Cup Coffee Maker. Which, as the name suggests, makes plenty of coffee.

Why Do Americans Love Coffee?

While coffee is drunk all around the world, there is only one nation which appears to have claimed the drink as their national beverage. The U.S.A. The folks at Time Train have put together a little explainer as to why (maybe) and their tribute to the drink that launched a thousand good ideas and a million work mornings.

That seems reasonable enough, right?

The Proctor Silex

The Proctor Silex has a lot going for it: it’s very low cost, it makes a whole lot of coffee and it seems solid enough that you won’t need to replace it in a hurry (this is important with budget products – many cut corners on the quality front and we don’t want to buy those things, they’re a false economy).

The only thing I am not so keen on is the white plastic finish. It feels a bit 1980s but as kitchen trends come and go, this is not a big deal either. Maybe next year it will feel more modern than Buck Rogers.

You can buy the Proctor Silex 10-cup Coffee Maker on Amazon for a very sensible price.

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