Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster The Perfect Blend Of Price And Performance

Want to know what the best snack in the world is? It’s a toasted cheese and ham sandwich served with a little pickle and some tomato ketchup. No, it’s not in the remotest bit healthy but as part of a balanced diet, one every now and again won’t hurt.

Plus, your children will love you for them because if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in life, it’s that kids love toasted sandwiches even more than I do and that’s really saying something!

Why Buy A Sandwich Toaster?

I know some people seem to think that you can get the same effect in a frying pan, but you can’t.  A grilled cheese is not the same as a toasted cheese. They are two completely different animals and it’s worth noting that the grilled cheese absorbs an awful lot more fat than the toasted cheese.

You can also make rather more recipes in a sandwich toaster than you might first appreciate. I like this egg and cheese toast and you can use any brand of sandwich toaster to make it. There are plenty of other interesting toasted sandwich recipes out there too.

Check it out on YouTube:

So Why This Toaster?

Well, I think the Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster from Hamilton Beach is roughly the perfect sandwich toaster. Firstly, it’s inexpensive and for an item I don’t use every day that’s a must. Secondly, it makes decidedly excellent toasted sandwiches. They don’t leak out the sides and they come out thoroughly and evenly toasted. That’s all you really need from one of these bad boys.

So, check out the Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster on Amazon where it can be found new and including shipping for around $24 at the moment. And then get toasting!

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22 thoughts on “Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster The Perfect Blend Of Price And Performance

  1. This is something I have never tried but would love to try. I hope I get a chance to use this. THANK YOU

  2. We send our young nephew off to school each morning and approx.every second day he wishes for a grilled cheese sandwich we do not have a sandwich toaster it would for sure help

  3. Yes ! I would love to win a Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster. I used to have one years ago and loved making cheese ,egg, and sausage sandwiches in it. Thanks for sharing.

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