Restore Cookbook Is A Modern Guide To Sustainable Eating

The only top chef that can pierce your ears while they teach you to cook, Gizzi Erskine, is a graduate of the Leith School of Food and has worked for the BBC Good Food Magazine.

Now, the former professional body piercer, is ready to teach us about how to get involved in sustainable eating.

Sustainable Eating

It Begins With Carbon Footprint

You can’t eat sustainably if you don’t understand how the food you eat impacts the planet around you.

So, it begins with an investigation into the carbon footprint of our food and how we can support the environment by making more informed decisions as to what to put on our plates.

In The Spirit of Cooperation

She notes that we cannot achieve all of these changes ourselves and gives us practical ways to interface with agricultural producers and the bodies that represent agriculture.

Then from this, she gives us recipes that are tasty and exciting that thrill the tongue and the eye and yet, which are always kinder to the planet than our typical dinner.

A Holistic Approach To Sustainable Food

Gizzi’s work is all you need to read on how to shop for your food, how to cook your food and how to savor that food.

She wants to celebrate life on earth by ensuing that the dishes we prepare and share in our lives are in total harmony with the planet.

green shakshuka recipe

Think differently, eat wonderfully with Gizzi Erskine.

You can find Restore: A Modern Guide To Sustainable Eating by Gizzi Erskine online.

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