Roadfood Is Eater’s Guide To American Highways

Is there anything more American than a good old fashioned road trip?

But where do you eat in a new place? And how do you make sure that your stomach has as good a journey as you do?

Well, you could spend hours piecing things together on Tripadvisor or Yelp, but we think that you’d be better off on Roadfood. 

About Roadfood The Site

Roadfood is a website built with just such a roadtrip in mind, it aims to let you plan restaurant visits around your route.

Roadfood Roadtrip

That way, you get to discover the affordable, tasty, hidden gems just off the highway and eat the finest local cuisine no matter where you are in America. 

You can be led by the road, or you can even let the food take control and follow the best pizzas of America, for example. 

About Roadfood The Book

The Internet is a wonderful thing, until that is, you lose signal and then? It’s next to useless. 

And here in America, we can’t always rely on Internet access on the freeway, so there’s a book on Roadfood too. 


This sums up the best 1,000 roadside restaurants in the nation, so that you can always find a great bite to eat, even if you can’t find a signal. 

You can grab a copy online here.

Why We love Roadfood

We love the freedom to explore on the open road, and since the Covid-era came upon us, we find we take more and more breaks here in the United States rather than heading overseas.

Roadfood makes it super easy for us to try new and amazing food without any hassle on our trips, it’s become an essential resource for our family, we suspect it will for you too. 

Final Thoughts On Roadfood

Roadfood rocks and as the website is completely free-to-use, you’ve got nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by checking it out today.

You can check out Roadfood here.

If you can’t get away on a road trip but want to try new foods from America why not check out The Great American Cookbook, America the Cookbook or even some new Netflix cooking shows

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