Robolife Espresso Maker Review

The Robolife Espresso Maker is a simple and affordable personal espresso maker.

It’s small size and charming appearance makes me happy. Or maybe it’s just the sweet nectar it produces.

If God loves coffee it’s probably espresso that he (or she) drinks. It is the most flavorful and interesting coffee going.

It’s also, probably, a little too strong for your day-to-day, minute-to-minute cup of Joe. If you lived on it, you’d probably need to live very close to a bathroom all the time.

But as a treat it’s awesome. And that means you need an espresso maker which is not going to break the bank. Pronto!

Robolife Espresso Maker

If you don’t drink it all the time – a $7,000 coffee machine is out of the question. All you may need is your very own Robolife.

It’s out of the question even if you do for most of us ordinary mortals and this brings us to the Robolife Espressio Maker. It’s the perfect size for personal use and makes a mean cup of espresso!

Is Espresso Just Coffee With a Fancy Name?

If you’ve had espresso and enjoyed it but aren’t sure about the differences between it and normal coffee this video from ChefSteps is very helpful in walking you through it.

I found it really useful and I think that you might too!

It was short and to the point too. ?

About The Robolife Espresso Maker

Robolife makes 4 different espresso makers depending on your needs: 2-cup, 4-cup, 6 cup and 8 cup.

robolife espresso maker specifications

If you’re looking for a handy personal espresso maker then the 2 cup is perfect for you. Or if it’s a machine that can deliver the goods for you and hubby after a romantic dinner then I’d suggest the 4 cup.

For post-dinner espressos for a group of friends the 8 cup is the way to go! We recommend you serve a sweet treat along with the espresso to really complete the exerience.

The Robolife Espresso Maker is made of quality stainless steel so it’s durable and should last for years. The ergonomic plastic handle works like a charm. It’s also very easy to clean!

robolife espresso maker parts

The Robolife is a very inexpensive choice as far as espresso makers go so it’s great value for money. It makes a decent espresso (certainly as good as you’ll get without a source of high-pressure) and it looks pretty good too.

So, it gets a happy thumbs up from us. Get one today and start your affordable “espresso life.”

If you want additional information on choosing coffee makers take a look at our guide to coffee makers. It’s an fair appraisal of all the best coffee makers.


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