Sesame Street Sandwich Maker Review

One thing you can say for the Sesame Street Sandwich Maker right off the bat is that it’s eye-catching in the extreme.

Nobody’s going to miss this bright green piece of kitchen equipment!

It is cheerily decorated with the faces of two of the show’s most beloved characters Elmo and Cookie Monster.

But what about the sandwiches?

That’s the important part, right?

Just In Case

If you’re not familiar with Sesame Street, I am going to assume that you’ve been stuck in the Amazon rainforest for about 50 years.

It’s the world’s most famous children’s TV show and is responsible for millions of children’s happiness and some of their education too.

Check out Elmo and Cookie in action here:

Isn’t that sweet? Cookie monster was my favorite when I was growing up and he’s my eldest’s favorite now too!

Is The Sesame Street Sandwich Maker Worth It?

One of the features of this sandwich maker is that the faces of cookie monster and Elmo appear on the bread inside.

This is a bit hit and miss, as if the bread isn’t tightly packed against the surface of the grill, the face doesn’t appear very well.

Other than that, this is a decent sandwich maker, though I think you can do a little better at the price point if you don’t want Sesame Street associations.

You can buy the Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Sandwich Maker on Amazon!

If you are looking to buy a sandwich maker today then I highly recommend our Sandwich Maker Buying Guide.


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