SMEG Toaster Review for 2024

The SMEG Toaster is not for everyone. Mic drop. That’s right. I said the SMEG Toaster is definitely not going to be everyone’s first choice when purchasing a breakfast toast making machine.

But for some, it’s the ONLY choice.

Why is the SMEG not for everyone? Well, because it comes with the kind of price tag that you’d expect from a toaster in an industrial kitchen rather than in somebody’s home.

If you love it – like many do – then be prepared for the price tag associated with going full 50s retro style.

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If you’d like to check out additional toasters before making a decision on a toaster we suggest you go through our popular guide to the best toasters on the market here.

If you’re not prepared to spend a couple hundred dollars on a toaster then skip ahead to one of our reviews of more moderately priced toasters.

If you love all things SMEG like I do then let’s jump in and discover what I really feel about the SMEG toaster.

In all it’s beautiful shapes and colors.

Top Features

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The SMEG toaster is an inspiring appliance. It’s a truly beautiful machine.

It combines solid ergonomics, superior functionaility plus an aesthetic that compels you to toast in style.

This retro style toaster is perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch and even midnight snacks when you’re toasted… I mean toasting.

I sometimes talk to my SMEG (Dorothy is her name if you must know) during my daily morning toast. SMEG is a good listener. Half-joking.

Let’s be honest: the SMEG toaster is gorgeous. In fact, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and it offers all the features and benefits that you’d expect from a premium toaster product.

It is the ultimate solution for everyone who’s ever thought to themselves over a cup of coffee in the morning: “Gosh, my toaster is frickin’ ugly.”

SMEG Design And Finish

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WARNING: SMEG Toaster model numbers ahead.

The SMEG toaster comes in 3 main models: the TSF01, the TSF02, and the TSF03.

The SMEG TSF01 and SMEG TSF02 are both 2-slot toasters: the TSF01 the smaller toaster and the TSF02 the larger toaster.

The SMEG TSF03 is a 4-slice toaster.

The SMEG toaster comes in a variety of different colors and finishes: black, cream, chrome, pastel blue, pastel green, pink, red, as well as special custom decorated SMEG toaster models.

The SMEG toaster can handle all your toasted breads needs: farmhouse & artisan loaves, baguettes and also bagels.

With 6 standard browning settings and a convenient bagel function, it has all the bells and whistles of a premium toaster.

It’s a brilliantly solid piece of kitchen equipment under those pretty curves.

I suspect you could drop it from the top floor of your home, and it would bounce and still work when it hit the ground. We don’t recommend trying to find out.

Why is SMEG One Of Our Favorite Toasters?

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We love the SMEG for a couple of reasons.

We are toast lovers and the SMEG elevates the origin story of each piece of toast. It’s not just toast. It’s SMEG toast.

It makes us happy. It makes us joyful. It is beautiful.

The extra-wide slots are also essential in our home, partly because I don’t always cut a perfectly thin slice of bread and partly because we all love bagels on the weekend too.

SMEG Ease Of Use

It’s not hard to use a toaster. It’s Kitchen 101.

smeg toaster on counter

You put the bread (or bread like product) of your choice in the top, pick your setting and then pull the handle down to cook the bread.

A few minutes later, it’s toasted. Voila!

It’s worth noting, however, that the SMEG’s preset modes are much more useful than those on a cheap toaster.

it’s very easy to get the perfect slice of toast out of a SMEG Toaster.

Cleaning And Maintenance

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You’ll be pleased to know that it’s not difficult to clean and maintain a toaster but in the case of the SMEG toaster we think it’s important that you do spend time on cleaning and maintaining the product.

It’s very easy to neglect toasters but we’ve found that they can start to accumulate rust when you do that.

No big deal if you’ve bought a $20 toaster, right?

But we think that if you’ve invested in a SMEG then you’re going to want to protect the investment.

That means emptying the crumbs tray on a regular basis. Wiping down the product once or twice a week with a damp cloth and generally trying to avoid giving it any knocks.

Common Questions about the SMEG Toaster

What is a SMEG Toaster?

smeg toaster color choices

The SMEG Toaster is a tour de force revival of the common kitchen toaster. 50s Retro Style. We love it!

How Much is a SMEG Toaster?

SMEG toasters range in pricing from around $100 to $300 depending on your SMEG model and finish.

How good is a SMEG Toaster?

It looks amazing. It makes great toast. Life is good.

Our Final Thoughts

Let’s make no bones about it – the SMEG is an unnecessary luxury item for most people.

For a solid family toaster you can get much better value for your more money with other toaster models. But if you want a work of art in your kitchen then this is the toaster for you.

There’s probably no finer toaster than the SMEG.

Visitors will notice it and your family will love it. #smeg50style