Snips Microwave Egg Poacher And Omelette Maker A Bargain For The Tiny Kitchen

Many city dwellers are struggling for space nowadays; rents are going up, apartment sizes are going down. One of the awful compromises people are having to make is to downsize their kitchens. If you’re in a situation with a tiny kitchen then it’s fair to say that a microwave beats a stovetop, hands down for versatility.

Sadly, a microwave is also a bit bad at cooking eggs as a general rule. Not so, however, if you own this wonderful invention from Snips Cookware – an Egg Poacher and Omelette Maker for your microwave!

Then you can have eggs all the time but how does it measure up?

Snips Microwave Egg Poacher And Omelette Maker A Bargain For The Tiny Kitchen 1

The Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

We’ve come a long way with the humble egg in the last few years. It was once deemed a horrific supplier of bad cholesterol which would near finish you off if you so much as looked in the direction of an egg until now – where eggs are seen to offer genuine health benefits as part of a balanced diet.

Healthline: Authority Nutrition explains why in this video.

Good news, right? Eggs are back on the menu!

So, The Snips Egg Cookware?

I have to say that inventions like the Snips product are so simple that you have to wonder why it took years for these things to arrive on the market. It can’t have taken the best part of 3 decades to work out how to nuke an egg and keep it edible, can it?

This is a great device which does exactly what it says on the Amazon description. I will say that I don’t think I’d swap cooking eggs on my stove for cooking them in the microwave but they’re not bad at all and if I only had a microwave, I’d happily eat these all the time.

You can check the price of the Snips Microwave Cookware – Egg Poacher And Omelette Maker online and I recommend it for all microwave cooks.

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