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Snoopy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker Big Hit With My Kids

OK, let’s start this review by stating clearly that this is a family product.

That doesn’t mean that a college student with a taste for kitsch might not love it too but it’s unlikely to adorn the kitchen of a confirmed bachelor any time soon. Not unless he wants to do some explaining to child services.

The Smart Planet SGCM Snoopy Grilled Sandwich Maker is a bright, eye-catching device out of which sumptuous toasties can be plucked (as soon as you place the raw ingredients inside and wait a few minutes).

Your kids are going to love it, though it remains to be seen if you will warm to it as much as they do.

Kid Sandwich Ideas – Rainbow Flavor!

Well, it would be remiss of me to review a children’s product without trying to find a children’s recipe to go along with it.

Family Fun Pack’s rainbow grilled cheese sandwich seems to fit the bill perfectly.

See here:

Also, please note: this product is for kid’s sandwiches but is best operated by an adult, it’s possible to get severe burns from the hot plates inside.

So, How Did Snoopy Do?

This is a pretty good sandwich maker. It cleans easily and while it’s not the fastest product I’ve ever used, it’s no slouch either. My only real issue with it is that you are paying roughly $10 extra for the privilege of having Snoopy on the top. Your kids may make that worthwhile though.

Check out the Smart Planet SGCM Snoopy Grilled Sandwich Maker on Amazon!

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If you want to make the best decision on purchasing a sandwich makers check out our Guide to Sandwich Makers.



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