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Soraken’s Portable Blender Solution For Smoothies On The Go

Sometimes, it’s OK to celebrate a little bit of novelty in your life.

Not everything that we buy, to enhance our eating experience, needs to be a serious hefty piece of kit and I think today I’ve found a little luxury item that many of you will really love. (For additional supporting information on blenders see our 2019 Blender Guide.

It’s the Soraken Portable Blender. It’s an affordable device that means that you can make a smoothie pretty much anywhere that you can imagine it.

I actually envisage a new sport of “extreme smoothies” where people whip up a blueberry and apple smoothie on the top of Mount Everest.

Anyone out there want to join me in a little climb?

But Seriously… Smoothies

But seriously, smoothies rock and they’re so easy to make and they’re the perfect way to get an energy boost during the middle of a busy day. I think if I worked in an office, I’d never let the Soraken Portable Blender out of my sight.

All you need is a few recipes and you can create something tasty and delicious at your desk and better still, a smoothie is a drink, you can take it anywhere (even to important meetings)

If you’re stuck for ideas for flavors, you can find dozens of ideas on YouTube and here are the first 12 to get you started:

So, Is This Really Convenient?

I am always a little skeptical over “portable” devices.

They often have small parts that are easy to lose or they’re unwieldy to carry and while the Soraken isn’t going to end up shedding parts all over the place; it’s still not perfectly portable.

You’d be happy to take it to work on a Monday morning and bring it home on Friday or store it in the glove box of your car, but you don’t want it in your purse 24 hours a day either.

However, I don’t think that’s a major drawback in this case – it is the sort of device that would be brilliant in the office or in your car.

So, I am recommending the Soraken Portable Blender, which you can buy on Amazon, because it does make smoothies anywhere and that’s the best news I’ve had all year.


  1. How nice and convenient. Would like to start making some smoothies.


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