Sunbeam Mixer Is Cost-Effective Baking Essential

My mother had the same Sunbeam mixer for years. I have many happy memories of baking cakes and other treats together.

If you don’t have a mixer in your kitchen, you quickly notice its absence. They are so handy and essential of many recipes.

They make the difference in so many recipes and while you can hand beat some mixes, others are impossible without a little extra electrical powered help.

So, the Sunbeam 250-Watt 5-Speed Stand Mixer is a really nice addition to most people’s culinary repertoire.

It’s very cost-effective and it means you can get to grips with better baking almost immediately!

Sunbeam Mixer Review

The Whirl-d Of Good Things

You can see a Sunbeam Mixer in action in the YouTube clip here and while the model I reviewed is not identical to this, it’s very close:

A lot of folks use their sunbeam mixer to tackle cake mixes and muffin mixes and I do that too but my first preference with a mixer is to get to grips with better bread dough.

You see, I love fresh bread and while we don’t bake our own bread every day, my husband likes to bake a few loaves on the weekends.

You can hand-knead bread dough but it’s a lot of work for very little additional reward.

Here you can see the difference that it makes when you use a mixer in this video.

So, How Did The Sunbeam Mixer Perform?

The Sunbeam is an entry-level mixer and I wouldn’t look to it for even the smallest of communal kitchens.

It’s not designed for heavy use – it is, however, perfect for the family kitchen where it will be used 2-3 times a week (maybe a bit more in vacation season).

Best of all, I found it to be very easy to clean which is vital when it comes to mixers – they get covered in food and it has to come off.

You can find the Sunbeam 250-Watt 5-Speed Stand Mixer over online for a very decent price.

I highly recommend this sunbeam mixer to help unleash your inner baker!

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  1. I still have a basic hand mixer. Nothing fancy. I would love to own a new mixer that does a little more than mix. Fingers crossed to win

  2. I would love to win a new mixer! Mine is so old I can’t remember how old! at least 20 years old! I wanted a new one for 10 years! so I hope I win this one!

  3. My wife would love this…she is a die-hard baker and now only has a hand-held mixer as the stand mixer broke down last year…

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