Sunbeam Newbrook 7-Piece Cookware Set – A Wonderful Bargain For Your Kitchen

OK, this may be the most controversial addition ever to the Kitchen Authority range. Why? Well, if you believe the Amazon reviews – this Sunbeam Newbrook set isn’t the best of products. Yet, we can only deal with the product we see and like Ashley, a review wondering why the product has bad reviews, we found it to be a decent budget cookware set.

So, the Sunbeam Newbrook 7-Piece Cookware Set stays even if it’s not the most popular product that we’ve ever reviewed. However, it seemed prudent to mention this up front. If you don’t want to take a risk – this might not be the product for you.

A Way To Make The Most Of Your Dutch Oven

One of the items in this set is a Dutch Oven and we know that some folks aren’t used to it. So, I turned to the BBQ Boys to give a nice example of what you can get out of one. This Dutch Oven Chicken recipe is easy to make and it’s oh so tasty! Check it out:

Looks good, right?

So, The Sunbeam Newbrook

Look, this set costs less than $25 – it is a great set for a new home, a student needing equipment, that kind of thing. No, it’s not going to last forever but nor did the test set fall to pieces after a single use either. It’s a decently made, attractive to look at, pan set.

I made the Dutch Oven Chicken and enjoyed the food. I also didn’t find it a huge struggle to clean, though make sure not to use hard metal abrasives – this kind of pan coating will scratch if you do.

I cautiously recommend the Sunbeam Newbrook 7-Piece Cookware Set and you can buy it on Amazon here.

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  1. My sister has a set of NewBrook and she loves them. Its time to get rid of all my old mom pans and refresh my stash. I need new cookware. I think its been far too long from the looks of my lot. I cook 5 days out of six, so would love this gorgeous set.

  2. My house was robbed and my cookware destroyed! I’d sure love to have this cookware to replace mine ((:

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