The Black And Decker Wide Mouth Toaster For Real Bread Lovers


Everyone in my house loves toast for breakfast but we were all a bit frustrated with our old toaster. Shall, I tell you why?

Well, we also love artisan bread. We won’t let any of that pre-sliced white bread in our home and that’s because it’s clearly so unhealthy for you. It’s full of chemicals and additives and worst of all, it’s packed with sugar. I don’t need any extra inches on my waistline and I am guessing you don’t either.

But the trouble with eating good bread is that it’s hard to toast.

I Am Not The World’s Best Bread Slicer

Those neat pre-sliced loaves have one big advantage when it comes to standard toasters. The bread just slips straight into the toaster. That’s because the slots on the toaster are thin and designed with that kind of bread in mind.

I am not the world’s best bread slicer and I’d often find that my slices were too thick to go in my toaster. I wasn’t alone either even my youngest boy, who is the best craftsperson in the house, struggled to get narrow slices from fresh bread.

So, Black and Decker were obviously eavesdropping when they designed their extra-wide slot toaster range.

Great Toast, No Hassle

You can cook toast, bagels, buns, etc. in this Black and Decker two slice toaster. That’s all thanks to the extra-wide slots and because it made me so happy to find one, I bought two. One for me and one for our readers!

So, you can win this toaster by entering our sweepstakes. (Giveaway Ended) Please, make sure to come back every day to maximize your chances of winning by grabbing your bonus daily entries. Or you can buy one on Amazon: Black and Decker two slice toaster.

WINNER is Tracy!
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63 thoughts on “The Black And Decker Wide Mouth Toaster For Real Bread Lovers

  1. My wife likes toasted Rye bread. The bakers obviously don’t consider this possibility, so one has to to place the bread in near vertical position, toast for a while, then invert the slice and repeat toasting. hard on fingers but good for the electricity company’s profits.

  2. Want this toaster! However, wondering why other toasters aren’t modified to accommodate thicker breads, etc. Have seen burnt toast all too many times.

  3. this toaster is what I’ve needed for years, having three sons who love to eat toast, bagels, leggos, they have worn out my old toaster

  4. What a beautiful toaster. The wide slots are great for the sometimes “chubby” breads I want to toast. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  5. My name isTracy, I seen my name 2 times that it was a winner but did not see an email, so how do I know if it’s me?!

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