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Sweese 2309 Teapot – Refined Classic Tea Excellence

If you’ve been following Kitchen Authority for the last few weeks; you’ll know I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect teapot.

Don’t believe me? Check out our comprehensive Guide To Tea Makers.

When I started my journey, I wasn’t really au fait with tea but now I’m really loving it. It’s very soothing and can even help take away the pain of my day-to-day grind.

It’s not a replacement for coffee but I definitely wouldn’t want to give up my tea now.

The Sweese 2309 Teapot is a wonderful teapot. It’s a classic British design and it looks wonderful on the table at tea time. It makes me feel, refined and elegant.

Tea, The British Way?

The Brits love their tea. Whereas once we’d thrown theirs in the harbor, we fell out of love with it.

So, it is to the British I turn today to explain how to make tea so as not to leave the average Brit in complete distress when you invite them over to share a cuppa.

Poor dears, they’re quite particular about this.

Biscuits are a big part of drinking tea too. Don’t forget them. Yes, biscuits not cookies. We’re in British mode here. But cookies will be fine.

The Sweese 2309 Teapot

You can’t go wrong with a teapot. It’s really just a big bowl for holding hot water.

You will need a tea strainer if you want to make loose tea in this – but you can always be very British and drop a few tea bags inside and serve that instead.

It’s fine, no-one else will know.

You can pick up the Sweese 2309 Teapot for a reasonable sum over on Amazon here.


  1. I have had a pen pal from England for the past 45 years. Last time we flew to England to visit her she took us out for an afternoon tea. It was amazing but I would love to be able to impress her next time she comes to visit me and make her a nice tea! I also enjoy iced tea so I would get a lot of use out of it. They don’t really do iced tea over there. She does pour cooled tea around her roses to help them grow. She had some beautiful ones so it must work.

  2. I love tea & would love to win this! I have 15 different kinds/flavors of tea in my cupboard right now! Living in Northern Indiana winters are long & very cold! There is nothing like a good cup of hot tea to warm me up!

  3. I would loved that beautiful red tea pot. I drink chamomile tea in the morning and sleepytime in the evening. It would be a nice addition to my decor. I could showmfamily and friends the lovely teapot then make that some tea.

  4. I love this tea pot. I would drink more tea if I had it. I don’t like using a microwave and getting out a pot to warm just a cup of water seems to me like a waste of time.


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