Tartine Bread Is An Artisan Masterpiece

The New York Times called Tartine Bread “The most beautiful bread book yet published.”

That’s high praise indeed and we can tell why. 

tartine bread cookbook cover

Chad Robertson (possibly the best bread maker in North America) has teamed up with Elizabeth Prueitt of the Tartine Bakery to teach you all they know. 

That’s a serious combination of experts and the result is Tartine Bread.

An Artisan Bread Cookbook

In this case, Chad and Elizabeth harness the science of bread to deliver loaves that mean something. 

They draw on the knowledge of France and the United States to deliver bread that tastes amazing and tells us a story of interest and fascination.

The Best Bread Recipes

Simply put, if you want the best bread recipes and you’re happy to make your own dough and cook it in the traditional way, there is no better book than Tartine. 

With hundreds of photographs and images to guide your journey, you can’t go wrong here.

bread production

If you want another sourdough book once you’ve read Tartine Bread may we recommend New World Sourdough

It’s an homage to that single type of bread and it’s awesome. 

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