Willow & Everett Teapot/Kettle – A Tea Maker’s Delight


As I am sure my regular readers will be aware, I have become something of a tea buff in recent weeks. I still love my coffee and it will always be the first drink of the day but it’s nice to spend some time with a different cup in the afternoon and tea is now my go-to for that post-lunch period.

So, I was quite pleased to give the Willow & Everett teapot/kettle a trial and was really pleased that it came with its own tea cozy (a sort of jacket that keeps the water piping hot for longer) because I do find that my second cup is often a bit cooler than I would prefer.

Tea Can Reduce Pain!

It’s true, in honor of our sponsors today, Pain Authority, I’d like to point out that green tea has healing properties and here you can learn all about them

Arthritis can be really painful, so if you know someone who suffers from it – be sure to tell them about the benefits of green tea!

How Did The Teapot Do?

I’d definitely keep the Willow & Everett teapot around if I didn’t already have a perfectly good tea maker. As you’d expect it kept the water warm and the tea was just fine from it. It’s also a pleasantly attractive design.

Check out the Willow & Everett teapot/kettle on Amazon and get yourself into tea too!

Win It!

We love Thomas and Jane Home over at Pain Authority. They’re on a mission to rid the world of pain and they offer a huge amount of resources to people suffering from pain. They also run regular giveaways and offer discounts on CBD oil! Check out Pain Authority  which is sponsoring today’s giveaway and then Enter Now

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35 thoughts on “Willow & Everett Teapot/Kettle – A Tea Maker’s Delight

  1. I have been a tea drinker for over 50 years. I have gone through more tea carafes, makers and pots than Carters has pills! This one is just charming and matches my kitchen accessories and canisters to a tee! I would love This!

  2. This was so interesting to read – I have seriously painful osteo arthritis. I am afraid I never gave my dad the sympathy for this disease that he deserved. I knew he had pain but until I experienced it myself, I never realized. This teapot might be helpful to me. That for this information.

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