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Tealyra – 40-ounce JUNO GLASS TEAPOT – A Stylish And Substantial Choice For Your Home

The Tealyra JUNO Glass Teapot has changed my life. I am now an affirmed tea addict.

It started as a brief flirtation with the beverage in the name of research for Kitchen Authority but as time has gone on, I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with the stuff. It’s so tasty and refreshing.

You can see the result of our obsession in our exciting Guide to Tea Makers!

As importantly, it’s also very varied – you never have to drink the same thing twice, unless you love it.

It’s impossible to find something you’re passionate about and not want to share it with your friends. That’s why I like the Tealyra – 40-ounce JUNO GLASS TEAPOT it makes plenty of cups of tea and that means it’s super simple to make everyone you know a cup of tea.

Tea Is Fascinating

One of the other things I love about tea is how interesting it is. The tea plant has been the subject of wars and power struggles over the century. It has had a huge impact on China and India and the nations of the British Empire too.

Wherever you look, you can find another exciting snippet all about tea!

I like this round up from Mental Floss of some of the most fascinating facts about tea, I think you will too.

Now that we have the history lesson out of the way, shall we turn our attention to the teapot?

All About The Tealrya

This is a big teapot. They do make a slightly smaller version but I can’t see why you’d buy that, you can always put in a bit less water if you need less tea but you can’t overfill a teapot without burning your toes.

I also like the way it looks and that’s all you can ask for from a teapot.

You can buy the Tealrya – 40 Ounce Juno Glass Teapot on Amazon for a very fair price.


  1. That’d be perfect for sharing relaxing, soothing tea with my fiance’ in our brand-new apartment, especially after we’re married December 23rd!!!

  2. I think I was born with tea in my bottle instead of milk! Our last name was Potts (very English). However we were raised in Oklahoma. I still brew tea every day. There is nothing better than a glass of sweet tea with lemon to satisfy my thirst on any day of the year. Yea for tea!


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Tealyra - 40-ounce JUNO GLASS TEAPOT – A Stylish And Substantial Choice For Your Home 6
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